Open Call: How to Grow and Develop Digital Audiences?

Voices of Culture 2021 - 2023

With the advent of digital technology, developing digital audiences has become a new challenge for the cultural and creative sectors (CCS). More complex than just increasing the number of cyber-attendees, this process needs to be accompanied by a long-term meaningful digital strategy, supported by clearly defined objectives, audience data, and performance indicators. In line with the 2019-2022 European Council Work Plan for Culture, digital technologies therefore represent a major asset for innovative methods of participation and user-centered services.
The first topic of Voices Of Culture 2021 – 2023 will engage with experts on the topic of understanding digital audiences, with a special focus on performing arts (i.e., theatre, dance, live music), and cultural heritage (i.e., museums, galleries, historic buildings, heritage sites, intangible heritage events and activities). In light of COVID-19, discussions should focus particularly on lessons learned from lockdown-induced practices to understand existing digital audiences and engage new ones, as well as to collect and manage digital audience data.
Successful applicants will be invited to a Brainstorming Meeting at Goethe-Institut Rotterdam on the 13.12.2021 – 15.12.2021 and to a Dialogue Meeting at Goethe-Institut Brussels on the 08.03.2022 with the European Commission to share their input on three suggested areas of discussion:
-COVID-19 recovery and impact on cultural consumption by digital means
-EU role in supporting the development of digital audiences
-Aspects of data collection and management with regard to 1) rebuilding existing audiences via digital means, and 2) reaching new digital audiences with a focus on digitally deprived people

Application Deadline: 24th of October 2021
Announcement of Results: 1st of November 2021

For detailed information and how to apply, please visit our website.