Facing Facts - Eine Datenbank gegen Hassverbrechen

Facing Facts ist der Versuch mehr Fakten über Hassverbrechen in Europa zusammenzutragen. An einer Umfrage zum Thema kann bis 15. Juni teilgenommen werden.

Mapping Survey

Every day hundreds of organisations in Europe work to increase awareness of hate crime through monitoring activities, producing statistic, publishing reports and supporting victims. Despite their strong commitment, several difficulties still prevent the best implementation of their work: the low level of attention shown by governments and local authorities on this matter and, furthermore, the existing lack of comparable data.
Facing Facts! is a two years project financed by the European Commission aiming to standardise criteria for comparable hate crime data collection and to  train civil society organizations representing victims to gather, analyse and report in order to advocate on prevention and intervention measures.

We surveyed a total of 49 European organisations over the last five months in order to map the extent to which data on hate crime and hate speech is currently being gathered by state actors and NGOs. The initial results of the Facing Facts! mapping survey were presented during our recent 'Experts Meeting' (http://www.ceji.org/facingfacts/?p=248) in The Hague. The results facilitated the work of international experts and representatives of five NGOs (deemed as examples of best practice among those who submitted the questionnaire) in setting up guidelines on monitoring hate crime for future use - during our recent 'Guidelines Workshop' (http://www.ceji.org/facingfacts/?p=262) in Brussels, (17-20 April).

The survey covered almost all European Union Member States with the exceptions of Cyprus and Luxembourg. The majority of respondents characterised themselves as 'advocacy organisations' (69%) and 'community support organisations' (57%) working at local (4%), regional (20%) and national (53%) levels or as umbrella organisations (14%). The highest number of questionnaires were submitted by organisations based in the United Kingdom, followed by Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Greece.
We asked organisations to submit their working definition of hate crime in order to have a wider understanding of their field of activities. We were surprised by the fact that less than half of respondents had adopted a definition of hate crime (49%) while the others did not have one. The vast majority of respondents said that they collected data directly from victims and media sources. Notwithstanding, only 41% of respondents had a system to verify information. This statistic seems to put into question the reliability of data produced by Civil Society Organisations and their advocacy strengths.

80% of respondents said they implemented victim support activities, confirming the existing unique relationship between NGOs and victims of hate crime. Regarding the relationship between NGOs and public authorities, the survey results showed that a high proportion (61%) provide data to police (mainly hate crime or information about incidents) while less (31%) receive intelligence information from the police.
The first results of the survey have been gathered in an overview document available online  that we hope to integrate with further information from your organisation and/or from organisations that might be in your network to whom we kindly ask you to forward the instructions to fill the questionnaire. Your input will be crucial in addressing the next steps in the project's development.
The questionnaire will be available on the Facing Facts! website until June 15th  2012.

The results of this survey will remain anonymous and only aggregated (collective) data will be used.

It will take only 15 minutes to complete.
You can access your survey and more information here: http://www.ceji.org/facingfacts/?page_id=158


You can download the overview document containing the first finding of the Facing Facts! survey here: http://www.ceji.org/facingfacts/documents/facing-facts-mapping-report.pdf
Learn more about the Facing Facts! project on http://www.ceji.org/facingfacts

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